How the italians polishing curing stone

Italy is not a big country, but in the world stone industry is significant, regardless of the level of processing, machinery, diamond cutting tools, production equipment, and even stone grinding and polishing, care and maintenance products are trustworthy, won the reputation. Italian products in the international market has always been full of innovation, in processing stone often meet with many problems, such as lose luster, etching, weathering, cracking, etc., can be solving, results obtained the customer approval, as for the maintenance of stone products, more high evaluation and achievement.

Starting from the Roman era, stone polishing abrasive is made from sand, salt and fiber blend, as polished stone material surface in order to achieve the effect of a light way.

Constantly changing times, today's Europe, the development of grinding machine and the application of the diamond grinding technology, adopt the different size and metal bond diamond or resin binders, purpose is to get the stone material surface luster. Abrasive materials on the market there are a lot of different kinds and formula, and most of the major materials are made of abrasive powder, such as silicon carbide or diamond abrasive powder. Silicon carbide grinding materials, must become globular and makes it hard, suitable to use. Diamond grinding powder is more popular nowadays using the grinding material, become spherical combined with resin or metal after use.

Currently used stone light method: wax, plus light and hard, grinding polishing powder, crystal polishing slurry.

Wax on the market, there are many different types and features, type of solvent, water soluble and automatic polishing} u, etc. Shape can be divided into solid and water two kinds. Despite the difference of different, the function is the same, this for our stone material, usually only credit to form a very thin layer of layer, neither durable also prone to spend. Such as increased often constantly wax, wax layer thickness, can have antifouling effect, but the wax itself is more soft, easy to peel and aging, and most of the wax will turn yellow, plus a wax seal stone material surface layer can make the gas in the stone, water trapped within the stone, eventually lead to broken stone. Due to the need of wax stains regular cleaning and waxing again, the wax pad and chemical dewaxing agent will cause serious damage on the surface of a stone.

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