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Stone composite board has ceramic composite panels, granite tiles, glass composite panels, aluminum honeycomb composite panels, etc. Composite panels can save precious stone material, also can increase the intensity. Now, more and more countries and regions in the international market widely used, and also verify the market development trend of marble composite panels.

Previously, domestic stone composite board is given priority to with foreign trade, but in recent years in succession of nanan stone enterprises begin to create brand point of view, the domestic power market by setting up specialty stores, such as high-end way, stone composite panels like ceramic tile to ordinary consumers. The title "brick" also formally was born. Stone brick has the advantages of natural marble, luxurious atmosphere, grain nature clever, simple sense, at the same time avoid the marble perfect version of some defects, relative to character, water stone brick design and color is more unified, strong carrying capacity, higher strength, lighter weight, more convenient installation, can effectively avoid FanJian, fouling, cracking and other defects, high-end consumer groups become highly favored a natural decorative materials.

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